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History of the Cahiers de Linguistique – Asie Orientale

Image1 The Cahiers is an international linguistics journal whose mission is to publish new and original research on the analysis of languages of the Asian region, be they descriptive or theoretical. This clearly reflects the broad research domain of our laboratory: the Centre for Linguistic Research on East Asian Languages (CRLAO). The journal was created in 1977 by Viviane Alleton and Alain Peyraube and has been directed by four successive teams of editors, all professors based at the CRLAO in Paris. An Editorial Board, composed of scholars from around the world, assists in the reviewing process and in a consultative role.

One volume of the journal appears regularly every year, comprising two issues of approximately 150 pages each. Contributions are published mainly in English, but also in French and Chinese.

The Cahiers reaches an international readership and is equally international in terms of its authors who come from universities and research centres in Europe, North America, China, Japan and Australia.  

The subject and author index is available on this website and lists all the articles published since 1978.

Note that in 1993, an associated Collection des Cahiers de Linguistique Asie Orientale was created which currently comprises 14 books.

Editorial Board

AKITANI Hiroyuki, Ehime University; AOKI Saburo, Tsukuba University; Wolfgang BEHR, University of Zürich; Walter BISANG, University of Mainz; William G. BOLTZ, University of Washington; David BRADLEY, La Trobe University; Marc BRUNELLE, University of Ottawa; Hilary CHAPPELL, EHESS; Lisa L.-S. CHENG, Leiden University; Katia CHIRKOVA, CRLAO, CNRS; François DELL, CRLAO, CNRS; Redouane DJAMOURI, CRLAO, CNRS; Michel FERLUS, CRLAO, CNRS; Christoph HARBSMEIER, Oslo University; HIRATA Shôji, Kyoto University; James C.-T. HUANG, Harvard University; Laurence LABRUNE, Université Michel de Montaigne - Bordeaux 3; Christine LAMARRE, INALCO; Stephen MATTHEWS, University of Hong Kong; Marie-Claude PARIS, Université Paris Diderot; Alain PEYRAUBE, CNRS-EHESS; Laurent SAGART, CNRS, CRLAO; SHEN Jiaxuan, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; Irène TAMBA, EHESS; Alexander VOVIN, EHESS; John WHITMAN, NINJAL (National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics; WU Fuxiang, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.


Guillaume JACQUES (CNRS),  Thomas PELLARD (CNRS)


CRLAO, EHESS, 105, Bd Raspail, 75006 Paris, France

Fax. : 00-33-(0)1 53 10 53 90

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ISSN: 0153-3320


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Prix 2015 du National Institutes for the Humanities (Japon)

Les travaux d'Alexander Vovin, directeur d'études à l'EHESS (CRLAO), récompensés au Japon

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Prix Leonard Bloomfield 2016 de la Linguistic Society of America

Le prix a été décerné à William Baxter et Laurent Sagart pour leur livre Old Chinese: a new reconstruction (OUP, 2014)

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Guillaume Jacques, médaille de bronze CNRS 2015

Les travaux de Guillaume Jacques (CRLAO) récompensés par le CNRS

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28e Journées de Linguistique - Asie Orientale

Organisées par le CRLAO, elles se tiendront du 2 au 3 juillet 2015 à l’INALCO (Paris).

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Nouveaux horizons en linguistique chinoise

Colloque organisé par le CRLAO à l'occasion de la venue à Paris en juin d'une délégation de linguistes de l'Académie des sciences sociales de Chine

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